Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars iPhone App For 2010

by Chuck on December 22, 2009

If you are a fan of iPhone apps, then you should be getting excited for 2010. One of the newer games available in 2010 as an iPhone app is GTA: Chinatown Wars. This Grand Theft Auto app is already a game on PlayStation and Nintendo DS. It is the 13th Grand Theft Auto Game, so if you are a fan with an iPhone, then this is probably something that you are anticipating.

Chinatown Wars looks different from all of the other games because it works with a fully rotatable camera to provide more insight into the action. In this game, the player has the potential to take out as many cop cars as they can to escape the police. Basically, if the player accumulates more stars, they will have to take out more cops on every level. This is just another fantastic game to have available with you anywhere you go on your iPhone, which is exactly why it is much anticipated for 2010. The iPhone provides handheld action on a number of popular games, which is something that you can take advantage of on your daily commute, between classes, or even when you have some downtime at work. Get ready for this game in 2010!

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