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Apple iPod and iPhone Repair Anecdotes:

I was having problems with my iPod, but I didn’t want to spend the money to invest in a new one, especially because it didn’t work well within my budget. At that point, I had no idea that you could find somebody for iPod repair because it was something that I had never even heard about. I ended up talking to a friend of mine about it at work, and she told me that she had a broken iPhone that she shipped somewhere that she found online, where it was immediately repaired for her. This set off a lightbulb in my head because I was so excited that I might be able to save money and still keep my iPod. On top of the fact that I didn’t want to spring for a whole new iPod, it would be fantastic not to have to go through the hassle of putting all of my music on a new one. If she had found some place for iPhone repair, then I’m sure that I could find somewhere to help me with my problem. I ended up just typing those phrases into a search engine on the Internet, and several choices came up. The company that I decided to go with was at the top of the list, and I ended up looking around their website. What really impressed me was the fact that their website was totally easy to navigate because I hate when websites are unclear or don’t take you where you want to go. I even took the time and called up one of their customer service representatives to see how they could help me out, and they were so friendly to me! It just made a big difference that they sounded like they knew what they were doing so that I also knew that I could trust them with my device. This was a fantastic choice for me, and I didn’t even have to wait in any long lines at all because I just shipped in my iPod to them, and they had it back to me in a short amount of time. They also gave me a warranty for my iPod repairs, which I really appreciated because I didn’t want to have to get into any more issues with having problems with my device. I feel like they went the extra mile for me, and I’m really happy.

Customer Testimonials:

Hi – I am very happy with the new battery I bought from you guys. In fact, I bought another one for a friend’s iPod that went bad on him and he was just going to toss it when I said I could solve his iPod problems. You really have a great product and your customer service is incredible. Keep doing a great job! I know now where to go if I ever have iPod or iPhone problems in the future. Cheers,
Colin from Portland, OR (Order J78967CC)

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